Spend Management

With Sage Intacct Spend Management, you can avoid unexpected cash flow issues by governing your spending against a budget.


Improve cash flow and reduce risk

Manage spending with confidence

Sage Intacct Spend Management provides peace of mind by automatically checking spend transactions against budget availability. Turn your attention to strategic planning and growing your company while you let automation maintain day-to-day control of spending. Confidently enforce spending limits and hold to budgets in your growing organization—even when transactions come from multiple people across departments.

Enjoy flexible control

Decide how much to impact your workflow by choosing to automatically deny a transaction or simply warn onscreen of the overage. Additionally, you can have your budget administrator proactively receive email notifications when transactions that exceed budget are recorded despite the onscreen warning. Stay in control by choosing which application areas accounts payable, purchasing or general ledger will trigger a warning or denial and setting the timeframe the rule remains in force. Use dimensions, like location and department, to further refine budget validation and gain more precise control of spending.


Always stay in control

  • Available as an additional control for AP, GL and Purchasing
  • Right treatment for type of transaction: Decide to use with warn or stop per application area so that you can control if transactions proceed based on the type.
  • Automatic spend validation: Automatically validate on submit or post each spend transaction against the budget and rules you set.
  • Denial or warning options: Choose whether to automatically deny a transaction that would exceed budget or allow it after issuing the user a warning.
  • Dimensional validation: Break out and enforce budget limits by dimension.
  • Duration control: Set the duration that spend management is in force on transactions. Includes checking on small intervals like month, against an annual budget, year to date budget or by project duration.
  • Spend Insight: Grant the ability for users and approvers to view budget impact with the convenience of a simple button push from spend transactions.
  • Notification: Set automatic notification to the budget administrator on an interval of daily, weekly, monthly so they can see where adjustments are needed.
  • History: Look back at decisions made and whether a transaction exceeded budget at that time.
  • Committed Spend: Check budget availability not only based on what has been spent already, but also include commitments made via vendor contract or thru purchase orders outstanding for better insight.

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