This page is dedicated to the third party software solution providers we at DeRosa Mangold Consulting, Inc. feel are best able to give you the functionality to meet your company's specific needs.

You can now run your business the way you want using the best solutions on the market.
Increase efficiency and visibility with an integrated ecosystem, instead of disparate systems.

Yooz is a fast-growing, multiple award-winning SaaS company that solves today’s finance professionals’ top invoice processing challenges by providing innovative, cloud-based invoice to payment workflow automation. Yooz offers an intuitive, simple, secure, purchase to pay invoice processing solution that integrates seamlessly with more than 175 ERP platforms. It leverages and optimizes powerful features and emerging intelligent technologies that unleash the creative and innovative power of finance teams.

Simplicity, transparency, security, savings, and mobility form the hallmark foundation of the Yooz platform and influences everything it does.

Cloud P2P Automation. Easy. Powerful. Smart.


If you’re in charge of your organization’s money and you’re spending too much time doing things manually that could and should be automated—or, if you can't make informed decisions because you don't have real-time visibility on the key business data you need, Venn Technology is for you.

If your current systems don’t work together like a fine Swiss watch, we can correct that so your team can focus on the strategic, not the tactical. It’s not about choosing the right tools, but the right partner to unleash their full potential for you.

The result? We take our clients from stuck and frustrated with manual processes that they thought would be automated... TO... freed up to concentrate on what they’re best at: growing their business or organization.

Are you ready for an efficient way to manage your workforce—payroll, people, and time—and not have to think about compliance?

Set your team’s anywhere, anytime collaboration in motion with Workforce Go! HCM,
designed for any device.

Ready. Set. Workforce Go!

A simple, highly configurable, cloud-based web and mobile expense report management solution that’s tailored to fit your company’s unique needs. Flexible approval workflows, deep integration with your existing systems enhanced visibility, and online training and support will give you the tools you need to eliminate manual reporting, ensure compliance, and get your T&E spending under control.

Navigate rapidly changing rates and rules with advanced tax software that integrates with your existing business applications.
Get automated, cloud-based solutions for transaction tax compliance across the U.S. and throughout the world — no matter your business size or industry.
There's too much at stake. Compliance slipups are costly. Automate in key areas with interconnected solutions for calculations, filing, and exemptions — and get compliance right.

KloudGin is a cloud-based complete Intelligent ERP Cloud software solution helping companies of all sizes manage quotes, sales orders, field service management, service contracts, projects, work orders, time clocking scheduling, dynamic routing, GPS asset tracking, asset management, sub-contractors, purchasing, sourcing and inventory, while also providing solutions for customer portals, mobile digital forms and executive pre-packaged analytics — all delivered in the cloud on any mobile device anywhere.