Cloud-based Accounting Software That Drives Data-driven Decisions in Your Franchise

Improve your efficiency, simplify consolidations, and gain real-time visibility across multiple locations with the franchise accounting software rated #1 for customer satisfaction—Sage Intacct is fast, simple, and scalable.

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Laird Management left QuickBooks behind to:

  • Reduce monthly close time from 20 days to 10
  • Cut reporting time from 10 hours to 2
  • Leverage easy scalability to add new restaurants and expand into fitness concept


Franchise accounting software and financial management solutions

Manage the finances of all your franchisees businesses, and make it easy for each franchise or entity to function as an autonomous unit. With Sage Intacct franchise accounting software, you see financial performance for each franchise location, and easily roll up to a consolidated view. Staff at each location can perform specific financial processes based on roles and permissions. That means everyone’s on the same page with easy integration and anywhere anytime access to real-time information with franchise accounting software.

StarCorp switched from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct for better business insights and improved decision-making with real-time data to manage costs and drive franchise growth. With Sage Intacct, StarCorp:

  • Cut 144 monthly bank reconciliations into 1 daily reconciliation
  • Cut 20 hours of bank reconciliations work each month


See your business information, your way

Sage Intacct franchise management software lets you easily analyze and evaluate operational and financial information. See consolidated and local key performance metrics and drill down to any performance driver that matters to your business: menu items, locations, vendors, and customers. Improve cash flow management and revenue forecasting with real-time visibility into current inflows, outflows, and revenue streams.

Alder Partners, an independent franchisee of Planet Fitness, scales and accelerates business planning with Sage Intacct’s multi-entity financial foundation. With Sage Intacct’s franchise accounting, they have:

  • Improved cash forecasting and increased budget accuracy 10%
  • Shifted 50% of bookkeeping effort to forward-looking analytics
  • Cut monthly close cycles in half


Efficiently manage complex financial structures

Sage Intacct’s franchise accounting software supports virtually any business structure—including fractional ownership and other complex operational structures. Each location, franchise, or entity can use its own chart of accounts, taxation rules, and financial reporting requirements, while the franchisor has a view of it all. Perform real-time consolidations quickly and easily, and save time by automating inter-entity consolidations and eliminations. Drill down to entity source transactions, receivables, and payables to get complete details.

Rapidly growing franchisee, HomeVestors, uses Sage Intacct to prepare for continued expansion. Learn how they:

  • Shortened DSO by 2 days, freeing up $120,000 in cash
  • Saved more than 30 hours per week managing accounts receivable
  • Achieved software payback in less than 4 months


Automate workflows and increase productivity with a cloud solution

Leverage the power of the cloud with easy integration and anywhere, anytime access. Sage Intacct offers fast, easy connection to leading point-of-sale and front-office systems, as well as franchise management, asset management, payroll, and payment applications. That means you can eliminate duplicate data entry and move your business forward with confidence, knowing Sage Intacct works seamlessly with virtually any application. Boost efficiency and collaboration further by giving your teams 24/7 access to the same cloud-based financial management system.

Sage Intacct is the #1 accounting software solution in customer satisfaction.


Sage Intacct accounting software products— #1 in customer satisfaction

We’ve earned the highest customer satisfaction in the industry from G2 since we focus on delivering an integrated accounting solution that puts your success first.