Business Agility, Finance, and Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning

In times of rapidly changing business conditions, organizations must adapt with agility to ensure business continuity and success.  You need accurate information and you need it quickly.

When it comes to budgeting and planning, you need the flexibility to look at different ‘what if’ scenarios and select the best course of action in a data-driven way.

“The first time I pulled up Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning in our executive meeting, they were absolutely blown away by how quickly I was able to create a scenario, plug in what they were asking for, and show the results in real-time.  Our leadership was impressed with how well the solution worked, saw its value off the bat, and now they want me to bring it every time they review budgets.” 

Natalie B., Controller

If you are interested in learning more about Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning we invite you to our Wednesday Wisdom series:


Business Agility, Finance, and Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning

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“We’ve cut our budget creation time in half, if not more, with Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning.  It’s allowed the finance team to provide more visibility to our executives, board, and managers so we’re better able to manage expenses and expectations.” 

Lea B., Controller

Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning allow you to be more efficient – allowing you to spend less time creating and updating the budget and more time analyzing your options.

We hope you’ll join us for these short and insightful sessions which explore how you can further drive efficiency in your budgeting process. Click below to register for one or all.

DMC team

DeRosa Mangold Consulting is a trusted team dedicated to partnering with you in a logical fashion to help you make the best decision for your company’s future growth. On average throughout multiple industries, startups to mid-sized organizations begin to see a return on investment in about 6 months. We will personally sit down with you and crunch the numbers, so you know when to expect your own ROI. We won’t tell anything but the truth so that you can make the best decision for your organization.

Take a look at what one of our valued customers has to say:

Francesca T.
Accounts Manager


"My client hired Mike and his team to facilitate the movement of their company from QuickBooks and spreadsheets (lots and lots of spreadsheets!!) over to Sage Intacct. This was a big move for us, because we were finally able to put all our apples into the same basket. Mike and his team were always easy to get a hold of despite us being in separate time zones. They answered our questions the same day they were asked or always acknowledged receipt and told me, hey we are working on it. I feel like with a big transition like this, communication is key, and it's important as the client to feel like you are being heard." Read the full review.

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The AICPA and its subsidiary,, named Sage Intacct as its first and only preferred provider of accounting applications.


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Sage Intacct financial management software receives the highest product score for Lower Midsize Enterprises Use Case ($50 million to $500 million).

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