I have signed my last paper check!!

Hi Everyone,


Before I get started, let me just say I hope you, your family and your team are healthy and safe during this difficult time. Many of us already know someone affected. Our prayers are with you.

Sometimes we are the classic example of “The Cobbler whose children had no shoes”. I know I am. Things we do for others we often do not do for ourselves. That was my situation yesterday, when Melanie called me.

She was at our office and wanted to know if she could stop by on her way back home for me to sign some checks. The MICR printer is at the office and the PO Box gets full every couple of days. Customers still send us paper checks. They need to be deposited for cash flow. I wanted Melanie to not have to go to the office at all.

For me, change happens in an instant. It’s a decision, we change course and we are done. I have been preaching “kill the paper check” for two years now, but have not done it for myself. So Melanie and I laid out how we would never cut a paper check again. Streamline it down to

a 15 minute exercise for each of us. Pay bills on time, just not early, never late. Once a week. Four times a month.

Another basic thing I had forgotten. When you are trying to instill change, the solution you hear may not be the solution your team hears. So in my driveway, at a proper social distance, we easily knocked out the plan.



If you are a vendor for DeRosa Mangold Consulting you are going to have to give us ACH instructions and an email address for remittances if you want to be paid. Done. We do have ACH setup and email remittances for some vendors. Just not all. If you think about it, this is no different than “tell me where to send the check”. If you are worried about giving up your bank information I have some troubling news for you. You give it up every time you send a paper check!



I still wanted to kill the office trips to get mail to deposit cash. While I know I can't demand my customers pay me electronically, I can put ACH instructions on our invoices. We already have a ‘Pay Now’ link if you want to pay directly from the invoice emailed. I could also ask on the invoice to “Please Consider” paying us electronically.

Accounts Payable Invoices


Carve out some staff time to implement Accounts Payable automation internally.

That’s when I decided to take it a step further. I wanted my customers who have not previously made the decision to move in this direction to have some help to make that decision easier. So with my team, we came up with the following offering:

If you are a DeRosa Mangold Customer on Sage Intacct or Sage 100, we will do the following for you at no charge to help you through this transition:

  • If you have not previously set up ACH payments and email remittances, we will set that up for you at no charge between now and April 30
  • If you have not previously set up electronic billing of your customers, we will set that up for you at no charge between now and April 30
  • If you have ACH payments or electronic billing set up, but they need to be edited (such as adding ACH payment instructions to your Customer Bills), we will edit those systems for you at no charge between now and April 30.
  • If you want Click To Pay on your invoicing to your customers, and you purchase by April 30, we will waive DeRosa Mangold Fees for setup. (specific products apply)
  • If you want Accounts Payable Invoice Automation, and you purchase by April 30, we will waive DeRosa Mangold Fees for setup. (specific products apply)

It’s 2020. Our businesses should not have to be tied to paper or a physical location to transact business or flow cash. As others are saying and I truly believe, we will all come out of this crisis different and for the better.


God bless and stay safe!


DMC team

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