Sage Intacct: 2019 Release 1

Sage Intacct has just launched the latest version of the award-winning cloud financial management software, 'Sage Intacct 2019 Release 1'. Want the full details? Here they are. 

Accounts Payable updates:

  • When paying AP Bills via the Pay Bills screen in a multi-entity company, Pay Bills shows just entity-level bills at the entity level. There is now an option when creating filter sets to Show top level transactions, when applicable.
  • Additionally, when viewing transaction lists, the same option is available in the form of a checkbox within the list view at the entity level: Include top level transactions.
  • There is now a Bill Approval Settings section within the Configure Accounts Payable screen, which allows you to Enable Bill Approval and set up the applicable Approval Policies.

Action UI is now the primary UI:

  • The Sage Intacct Action UI is now the primary user interface and the button to toggle between the previous UI and the Action UI no longer refers to "Beta" as this interface is no longer in beta.


Within the Company module:

  • There is now an Export Permissions button on users' permissions or roles, permitting you to export the effective user permissions report to a .CSV file.


Cash Management New Bank Reconciliation:

  • Matching: When you select a transaction and click Match transactions, that means that you've found a transaction within Sage Intacct and matched it to your file.
  • Cleared: Unlike the old reconciliation model, transactions are only designated as cleared when you click the Reconcile button.


General Ledger updates include:

  • Within the General Ledger Journal Entry lists, there are now check boxes next to journal entries and Post, Duplicate, and Reverse buttons at the top left-hand side of the screen, which give the user the ability to mass post, mass duplicate, or mass reverse multiple journal entries at once with ease. Be aware that for a large batch of entries, the processing time for the batch might take too long to complete. The number of transactions selected, and the size of each transaction, are factors in processing time.


Global Consolidations:

  • The First period consolidated with data column is now listed on the Journals tab for easy viewing.


Inventory module:

  • We've introduced the option for: COGS Adjustments for Prior Periods.


Projects updates include:

  • The Billing Template page now displays a Template Type field. If you select Project percent complete or Task percent complete, the Based on field appears available for selection.


Revenue Management terminology modifications:

  • In Order Entry, Purchasing, Inventory, and Contracts, on the Item record, the Fulfillment and Revenue Allocation terms in the header section of the record have been renamed to: Revenue Recognition.
  • In Order Entry, on Sales transactions, the Fulfillment link and the Fulfillment Status pop-up window have been renamed to: Delivery Details.
  • In the Configure Revenue Management page, the following have been renamed:
  • Enable editing deferred revenue schedules is now: Edit revenue schedules.
  • Enable fulfillment status tracking is now: Event-based recognition.
  • Enable override of Fair Value price lists is now: Override the default fair value price list on transactions.
  • Bundle transactions is now: Automatically include all transaction items in MEA bundle.


Vendor Payment Services, powered by American Express:

  • To reflect our new partnership with Sage Corporation, we've changed the name for Intacct Check Delivery Service to Sage Intacct Check Delivery Service.
  • American Express Corporate Card Payment Service has been renamed to American Express Card Payment Service as we now offer the ability to use both Business Credit Cards and Corporate Cards with AMEX Card Payment Service.


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