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DeRosa Mangold is the friend you need to help you make a fearless transition to a cloud-based automated accounting system.

Over the years, we have seen it all. Mounds of spreadsheets, outdated software, systems that no longer work together, lengthy closes, and more. We don’t judge you. We understand!

We are a SaaS solutions provider centered around Sage Intacct’s® best-in-class financial management software. 

With over 25 years of experience, DeRosa Mangold Consulting has the knowledge to help our clients run leaner, faster, and more profitably with the use of Sage Intacct. Our staff has been hand-picked and brings CPA experience to the table. Not only have we seen it all, but we’ve also done it all. We know what it’s like to work twice as hard to get results.  We can prevent you from that experience with scalable, seamless, and flexible software which will change your ability to run your business more efficiently.

System changes can be scary.  DeRosa Mangold can get Sage Intacct up and running in a day, train your staff, and offer ongoing live support. We promise we won’t leave you until you can confidently operate the system, get the reports you need, and make critical decisions based on accurate information. Intacct stands behind us with the Intacct Buy with Confidence Guarantee. Together, we are committed to your success. 

Our Idea of the Perfect Cloud

  • Multi-tenant
  • Always current
  • Always on
  • Responsibility free to user
  • Dimensional General Ledger
  • Configurable Posting Rules
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Check the box, no-code configuration
  • Built in reporting and dashboarding
  • Open Resting API infrastructure
  • Basic Essential Support by DMC as part of the subscription
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Why Sage Intacct?

  • It is endorsed by the AICPA.
  • It's the highest G2 Crowd ratings for customer satisfaction.
  • Sage Intacct checks all the boxes:
    • Dimensional General Ledger
    • Configurable Posting Rules and Workflows
    • Check the box configuration, no code. Custom solutions possible with open resting API’s.
    • DMC can provide basic essential support at no additional cost to the customer.
    • Built in reporting and dashboarding.


Contact Us

(254) 772-2980