Strategies and Tools for SaaS Finance Leaders

Please be our guest for the SaaS Success Series  Join us online for a complimentary 4-week series for SaaS finance leaders focused on how we can lead our organizations out of crisis and re-ignite growth.

SaaS experts and SaaS finance leaders throughout the country will be joining on the following Thursdays for this online event:

June 18 – Accelerate Through the Curve – 3 Key Strategies for Growth in a Downturn

The best companies know that the right place to pass competitors is in the sharp curve of a crisis or economic shock; while “followers” only react once they’re in the straightaway of the recovery.

Zach Blaine, Controller at Expel, Ben Murray, CFO of Cartegraph and The SaaS CFO, and Andre Lafayette, VP of Budgeting and Planning at Sage Intacct, will share three key strategies that successful companies implement, but laggards fail to:

  • Encourage selective investments (offense) in addition to cash management (defense)
  • Leverage tools that can automate billing and revenues
  • Elevate your forecasting and planning, above your competitors

June 25 – Discover the Next Level in Spend Management – Greater Controls, Visibility, and Team Engagement

Do you hate being the bad guy who communicates budget cuts? And when the business team doesn’t understand the justifications or implications, employee morale can take a hit.

Matt Wolf, VP of Finance at Roadster, a leading AI firm, and Thejo Kote, CEO of Airbase, a company that provides next generation business-spend management solutions, will share how you can:

  • Give every employee a view into the impacts their expenditures have on company performance
  • Improve the business processes that link specific customers or cohorts to the cost of closing them
  • Provide faster feedback on the results generated by your company’s business decisions

July 23 – Cash is King: Maximize Cash Flow Perfomance with Artificial Intelligence

Cash management is critical in this downturn. Investors want a 12 to 18-month runway before you raise again. Uncertainty and rapid changes put a strain on your finance teams. How can you leverage automation and avoid hitting a cash crunch?

Carlos Vega, Tesorio’s CEO, and peer finance leaders will share how AI can maximize cashflow performance. Learn how to manage your cashflow during today’s business volatility by:

  • Automating and cleaning up A/R collections
  • Using data-informed smart timing of A/P
  • Automating a cash view of your P&L that you can share with the business leaders

Can’t attend on a particular date?  Register anyway and gain access to the recording to watch on-demand.  We hope to see you there!

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