Your Reporting Dreams Answered! Lists Are Your Friends

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This week’s video example will show you how easy it can be to break down your data using lists.  Last week we were able to use a SuperFunction to grab Excel data. 

That SuperFunction crunched some numbers for us, but we always want more, right?

Creating a list through DeskTop follows a lot of the same steps used to create a Superfunction.  Instead of calculating a figure, it will return a list that can be used to filter and break down information.  The example uses the same SuperFunction from last week’s video and answered the question, how many items were returned.  Using a list of warehouses allows us to break down that number so we can see how many items were returned to a warehouse.

Today’s video is a little longer at 2 minutes 39 seconds.  You may even want to watch the previous blog videos again since they do build on each other. 

Your Reporting Dreams Answered!

Your Reporting Dreams Answered! All About Superfunctions

I truly believe that every business can benefit from this tool.  Don’t forget that you can contact us here at DeRosa Mangold Consulting, Inc. with any questions or interest you may have.

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Liz Ortega emerged 7 years ago at DeRosa Mangold Consulting after relocating back to Texas from California.  She has previously worked with a variety of distribution and service companies from shipping and receiving to accounting.  As a former user of MAS 90 and other professional accounting technology, Liz became an adequate fit for our company and naturally progressed to the technical side of the trade.  Liz prides herself on being someone who has a wide knowledge of the software packages she uses.  Succeeding expectations with her ability to go above and beyond the norm to collaborate and guide those who require assistance. 

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