Your Reporting Dreams Answered! Lists Are Your Friends

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This week’s video example will show you how easy it can be to break down your data using lists.  Last week we were able to use a SuperFunction to grab Excel data. 

That SuperFunction crunched some numbers for us, but we always want more, right?

Creating a list through DeskTop follows a lot of the same steps used to create a Superfunction.  Instead of calculating a figure, it will return a list that can be used to filter and break down information.  The example uses the same SuperFunction from last week’s video and answered the question, how many items were returned.  Using a list of warehouses allows us to break down that number so we can see how many items were returned to a warehouse.

Today’s video is a little longer at 2 minutes 39 seconds.  You may even want to watch the previous blog videos again since they do build on each other. 

Your Reporting Dreams Answered!

Your Reporting Dreams Answered! All About Superfunctions

I truly believe that every business can benefit from this tool.  Don’t forget that you can contact us here at DeRosa Mangold Consulting, Inc. with any questions or interest you may have.

 About the Author:

Liz Ortega emerged 7 years ago at DeRosa Mangold Consulting after relocating back to Texas from California.  She has previously worked with a variety of distribution and service companies from shipping and receiving to accounting.  As a former user of MAS 90 and other professional accounting technology, Liz became an adequate fit for our company and naturally progressed to the technical side of the trade.  Liz prides herself on being someone who has a wide knowledge of the software packages she uses.  Succeeding expectations with her ability to go above and beyond the norm to collaborate and guide those who require assistance. 

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DeRosa Mangold Consulting are experts of Sage 100 ERP Software (formerly Sage MAS 90 ERP) and a partner with companies like JobOps Manufacturing Solutions, Acumatica, and BizNet Software to give you and your business the tools for success.  DeRosa Mangold is here for you and your business needs.  We have many locations to serve you that include Waco, Austin, Dallas/Ft.Worth, San Antonio, Indiana, Bakersfield and San Diego, CA.  DeRosa Mangold Consulting is  proud to serve clients throughout the US that currently include Texas, California, Louisiana, New york, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, and Wisconsin. 


Your Reporting Dreams Answered! All About Superfunctions

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Last week, I introduced you to a powerful reporting tool called BizInsight Desktop Edition that DeRosa Mangold Consulting has been using to create powerful reports for our customers. 

If you didn’t get to see the first part of this short 7-part video blog titled "Your Reporting Dreams Answered! Click HERE. 

This week’s video is only 1 minute and 22 seconds long, and shows you the power of the SuperFunction.  I really think the name speaks for itself!  Using SuperFunctions allows us to customize your reports by filtering dynamic data and giving you real time results.

When you watch this video, imagine that you have tabs of data in Excel that you want to report on.  We can use a SuperFunction to calculate specific figures from that data and create a report that speaks to your personal reporting needs. 

You may be wondering what makes this different from BizInsight reports that you may already have?

Since these SuperFunctions are reporting off of data that is already in Excel, one big difference is SPEED!

 No more waiting on caches and database connections to run your report.

ALSO, because SuperFunctions are calculating data that is in Excel, you can report on any data you want.  If you want Sales Order or Purchase Order reporting, we can bring that data into Excel and use a SuperFunction to do all of the work.  Data from ANY SOURCE that can be brought into Excel is up for grabs.


Enjoy this short video on Superfunctions!


Written by Liz Ortega, Consulting Manager at DeRosa Mangold Consulting.

About the Author: Liz Ortega emerged 7 years ago at DeRosa Mangold Consulting after relocating back to Texas from California. She has previously worked with a variety of distribution and service companies from shipping and receiving to accounting. As a former user of MAS 90 and other professional accounting technology, Liz became an adequate fit for our company and naturally progressed to the technical side of the trade. Liz prides herself on being someone who has a wide knowledge of the software packages she uses. Succeeding expectations with her ability to go above and beyond the norm to collaborate and guide those who require assistance. 

DeRosa Mangold Consulting are experts in Sage 100 and Acumatica ERP Software as well as BizNet Business Intelligence Software. We are committed to providing timely, exceptional support services to give you and your business the tools for success. We have many locations in Texas to serve you that include Waco, Austin, and San Antonio. We are also proud to serve clients located in California, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia and New York.  

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Your Reporting Dreams Answered!

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Do you struggle to get all of the data you need from Sage 100 into one report? 

Do you need a customized way to analyze your data across various modules, companies, or other data sources? 

In this 7 part blog, I’ll be introducing you to BizInsight Desktop Edition.  If you can get your data into Excel, you can report on it.  BizInsight Desktop Edition allows you to build “SuperFunctions” that will calculate any data you have in Excel.  With this user friendly tool, I have been able to build stunning and accurate reports with data from Purchase Order, Sales Order, Inventory, and other modules.


The videos in this blog series are very brief, and will give you a quick look at how powerful this tool really is.  The best part is that if you already own BizInsight, you have free access to BizInsight Desktop Edition.


Take a breather, watch this introduction video (59 seconds long), and get excited about the possibilities that BizInsight Desktop Edition can provide you and your company!

Written By: Liz Ortega, Consulting Manager at DeRosa Mangold Consulting

Join us at Sage Summit 2016

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Are you serious about growing your business? 

Join DeRosa Mangold Consulting this year in Chicago July 25th-28th for the 2016 Sage Summit.

 Sage Summit is the largest gathering of small and medium businesses in the world.  Open to everyone who wants to learn and share ideas, whether they use our products or not. 


·        New tools to improve the efficiency of your business

·        Real-world stories and big ideas from professionals and experts in your field.

o   Including key speakers:

§  Sir Richard Branson – Founder of the Virgin Group

§  Stephen Kelly - Sage’s chief executive officer

§  And More!

·        Gain insights to help you define the evolution of your business.

·        Learn new ways to improve business performance and efficiency.

·        Expand your networking circles and connect with your peers.

But WAIT!  Sage Summit is not all work and no play.  This year, Sage is hosting a band that has received countless nominations from the Grammy’s, AMA’s, MTV video music awards, and more.   This band (whose name has not been released) has appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, and more. 


Watch this video from Sage Summit 2015 

Are you interested in registering yet?

Register HERE 


LEARN MORE on 2016 Sage Summit


From all of us as DeRosa Mangold Consulting, we would like for you to join us and other’s in this great opportunity to grow your business.  If you’re interested in learning more about Sage software and what it has to offer you feel free to LEARN MORE about Sage or contact us HERE for more information.  We hope to see you there!


Need Help With Affordable Care Act 2015?

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We at DeRosa Mangold will try to simplify the confusion regarding ACA (Affordable Care Act) reporting in Sage 100.



Please review the videos from Sage below:

Affordable Care Act Overview                                    


Affordable Care Act Setup in Sage 


How you determine if you are an ALE employer      



Set up for ACA EMPLOYERS                                                


Generating ACA Forms


What you can do NOW
At this point, you have three options to populate the ACA data for each employee: 

1.  Manually Enter Data

Manually enter the data for each employee in the various ACA employee screens provided by Sage through their ACA enhancement. 

2. Data Entry Spreadsheet

For those with 1,000+ employees, Sage has developed an ACA Reporting Worksheet to get started on entering the employee information needed for ACA reporting.
You will be able to enter the following information in the attached ACA
*Provided Self-Insured Coverage acknowledgement
*Employee and covered individuals details (name, SS# and DOB)
*Employee monthly detail for Offer of Coverage, Low-Cost Share and Safe Harbor Codes
*Employee electronic consent acknowledgement

3. Automated Data Entry

A partner of DeRosa Mangold, Competitive Strategies Inc., has developed a database program to automate data entry into Sage 100 in order for Aatrix to correctly populate the ACA forms to be filed. The following video describes these three methods.



Competitive Strategies: ACA Data Assist for Sage 100
Please sign up for the following webinar from Competitive Strategies for more detail on their ACA Data Assist enhancement.
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 
2 PM to 3 PM ET

Register Here


Competitive Strategies' Summary on Affordable Care Act Reporting


eFiling and Reporting

Once you have correctly put in the data for each employee, you can use the Sage eFiling and Reporting module Aatrix to print the required forms for IRS filing. Aatrix can eFile the 1094 and 1095 forms as well as print and mail copies to employees. Fees for eFiling and mailed copies are available at the following link.



For more information from Sage click on the links below: 

Sage 100 Product Update Release Schedule

Which of the new IRS forms will you need to file?

What files hold Affordable Care Act (ACA) information

Will Sage 100 support the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements for 2015

Employees names are blank and hours are zero on ACA ALE Report

How are hours calculated on the ACA Applicable Large Employer report

Perpetual History was not turned on for ACA Reporting

How to setup Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Sage 100

Where are the ACA Visual Integrator jobs located

Price Changes ahead for Sage 100 Payroll customers

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Announcement from Sage

Sage 100 payroll customers now pay only for the employees for whom they process payroll.

Effective December 1, 2015, customers who are on a Sage Business Care Plan and using the Payroll Module will pay for the number of employees for whom they process payroll. Sage believes this approach is fair to all of its customers.  As an example, customers with 15 employees will no longer be paying the same price as a customer with 50 employees.

Customers who move to the new payroll tiers will gain full use of Sage payroll and direct deposit services, including future service enhancements. Sage will continue to enhance payroll capabilities throughout the balance of the year and into 2016. An example of what is to come is: 

     Sage 100 customers will no longer have to pay costly bank fees for processing direct deposits. Sage will automate creating the direct deposit file, sending it to the bank, and triggering the required bank transactions. E-file will also become fully integrated through Aatrix.

Existing Sage 100 Payroll Module customers will transition to payroll tiers with their next Sage Business Care plan renewal.


Sage 100 Payroll Module users -  Beginning October 23, 2015 Sage will begin notifying customers of the new payroll pricing tiers for those customers whose Sage Business Care plans are up for renewal in December.





Are you missing that one "key" piece in your business?

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Sometimes it's that one "key" piece that you've been searching for to thrust your business to a level of simplicity and ease.  JobOps Job Management Software could be what you've been looking for.  JobOps offers a solution to manage various complex jobs within your business AND works in conjunction with Sage 100 ERP Software.  Now all the pieces fit together!

JobOps Job Management Software is an integrated job management tool for companies that build products, provide installation or perform services.  By providing the critical tools needed to manage complex jobs, JobOps allows you to meet customer demands, and have financial visibility and control so you can be more competitive in your industry.

With JobOps you can:

-  Adapt to changes that occur in your business quickly and skillfully giving you peace of mind.
-  Become more efficient, improve your workflow and reduce unnecessary paperwork.
-  View critical information in real-time with a user friendly interface, and easily apply query and statistical analysis enabling you to make more informed smarter business decisions.
-  Easily give accurate estimates/quotes, and combine Bill of Materials, routings and labor to create a detailed cost.
-  Integrate with Sales Orders and Work Tickets to streamline workflows so all job information is readily available in one location.
-  Simplify job planning and purchasing by proactively monitoring job statuses and analyzing supplies allowing you to optimize cash flow.

In a nutshell...

JobOps partnered with Sage 100 ERP provides your business operational and financial information from one single, powerful source. JobOps and Sage 100 ERP work together to enhance your workflow, increase productivity and maximize your profits.


Sage ERP Inventory Advisor

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Reduce Excess Inventory.

Reduce Working Capital.
Reduce Stock-Outs.

Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable cloud solution that helps companies reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and working capital. It connects to Sage ERP data to deliver inventory health check, produce quality forecasts, reduce the time spent on manual tasks, and solve for the optimal investment required to achieve target fill rates. A web based mobile solution, Sage Inventory Advisor is easy to use and slashes time spent on forecasts and ordering. It can be implemented cost effectively and used in just hours.

Fast to Implement and Cost-Effective

A cloud solution, Sage Inventory Advisor can be implemented cost effectively in just hours.

• Allows anytime, anywhere access.

• Eliminates local server installation.

• Provides worry-free updates and maintenance.

• Delivers rapid deployment and scalability.

• Best-in-class availability level.

• Highly secure using PGP data encryption/decryption. 


User Interface—Easy-to-use web and mobile interface uses standard browser behavior with contextual information display for clarity.

Dashboard—Provides visibility to critical KPI’s and financials such as stock holding, stock outs, potential stock outs, and excess stock and surplus orders. Lists top items requiring immediate attention. Allows drill-down to data details.

Inventory Forecasting—Dynamic, graphical forecast engine assists user in forecasting and planning for future replenishment orders. Lists top under- and over-forecasted items for further analysis and action.

Inventory Monitoring—Provides early warning of stock-outs, potential stock-outs, or surplus orders.

Classification Matrix—Classifies items into nine color-coded categories based on calculated metrics such as velocity (times sold), quantity sold/consumed, and value of sales/consumption, allowing users to rapidly identify and focus on important items.

Ordering Schedule—Shows what orders to place based on item policies (stock levels, forecasts, etc.). Allows sorting of purchase orders by personal preferences.

Order Management—Provides view of recommended new orders by supplier to place for the day. Provides ability to amend orders and send them back to the ERP for processing.

Interactive Reports—Provides critical and detailed information to help optimize inventory.

Supplier Performance—Shows supplier performance through relevant charts. Helps user identify good or poor performers and plan purchasing accordingly. Assists user in setting dynamic safety stock based on supply risk.

Item Data—Provides a single view of all item information, in one place.


3 Ways Bill of Materials Management Can Help You

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Frequently we are asked about easy to use features to manage parts usage in distribution and the manufacture of parent items. Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200) has a lot to offer in the Bill of Materials Module that frequently get overlooked. These features don't just apply to manufacturing. They can also apply to kits in distribution, field service and repair tickets.


Revision Tracking

Tracking multiple revisions can be used to either keep a history of different components used to build an item or to offer several versions of a particular build based on component availability. It's like having multiple bills for the same item. Just select the revision code and the related bill is invoked.

Engineering Change Control

Do you want to revise a Bill of Material based on a date? Then Engineering Change Control is for you. Now a revision date will determine your Bill of Material. Want to build it the way you used to last year? Simply change the Revision Date to last year's date and you will invoke last year's bill. Want to go back to the current build on the next transaction or order? Use today's date. Want to stop using a part on the last day of this month and replace it with a different part next month? This is what Engineering Control is built for.

Replace or Delete Components

Have you ever wanted to just replace a component across a large number of bills or delete it all together? Replace and Delete Component Entry will do that.

So how does this help a Distributor on Sage 100 ERP?

Let's say your using kits in your distribution sales. Maybe your using a lot of them. When you add Bill of Materials Management to Sage 100 ERP, you now have Revision Control, Engineering Change Entry and Replace and Delete Component Entry available to you for your kits. This is because when you add Bill of Materials Management to your ERP installation, all of your kits will be moved to Bill of Materials Management automatically. You can now manage kits like a manufacturer would manage bills.

How does Bill of Materials help a JobOps user?

If your Sage ERP 100 is running JobOps by Synergistics, you still could benefit significantly from the Bill of Materials module. With both present, you can now assign a Bill to a step in your JobOps Workticket Template. Now you can use Revision Control, Engineering Change Entry and Replace and Delete Component Entry to update components across many templates which share a step tied to the same Bill of Materials.

These same techniques can also be used in Field Service and Repair tickets. Basically anywhere a set of components are used on a recurring basis. 

When set up with this vision in mind, component changes over large groups of kitted or manufactured items can be easy to manage.

Let us know your thoughts!

Mike DeRosa is President and System Designer at DeRosa Mangold Consulting, Inc. DeRosa Mangold Consulting, Inc. is a Professional Service Firm providing software, system design, expertise, training and support for Sage 100 ERP users in the Manufacturing, Distribution, Restaurant and Property Management industries. DeRosa Mangold Consulting has offices in Dallas, Waco, Austin and San Antonio Texas and Bakersfield California.

Sage Fixed Assets

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Sage Fixed Assets 2012 boasts a brand new experience by including several enhancements that make fixed asset management easier than ever before. It also simplifies common accounting inputs, adjustments, and fixed asset reporting while still providing the same powerful depreciation calculations that hundreds of thousands of users have come to rely upon!

Take a look at the highlighted features of Sage Fixed Assets 2012.

Updated User Interface

Sage Fixed Assets has been redesigned for improved productivity. The new Sage Fixed Assets has a fresh, clean layout that makes the software easier and more enjoyable to use. The use of on-screen space has been optimized. Resizable windows and panes give you visibility to more data entry fields so that you can accomplish more in less time. Plus, we've implemented a new Task Pane layout that gives Sage Fixed Assets a much improved look and feel.

Improved Search and Replace

Find information and make changes faster. Do you need to make several changes at once? With Sage Fixed Assets you can perform bulk edits, so you can make changes that apply to groups of assets more quickly and easily.

New Assistance Center

Resources, tools, and help at your fingertips. Through a combination of in-software and online information, you can now get better access to the tools and resources that will help you take full advantage of the features of Sage Fixed Assets. With the Assistance Center, you'll have the opportunity to learn tips and best practices for using Sage Fixed Assets, and interact with peers and other experts to help you better manage your fixed assets.

Powerful Task Manager

Powerful tools keep up with your growing company. Global Task Manager is an optional feature available with Sage Fixed Assets—Premier. It's designed to simplify and automate the running of depreciation and reporting procedures across multiple companies. Global Task Manager reduces repetitive tasks and helps save time. Tasks that once may have taken hours can now be performed in minutes. The easy-to-use setup wizard will guide you through the process—from defining a list of companies in the Sage Fixed Assets—Depreciation database, to selecting the list of tasks to be performed and running the reports to be generated.

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